Chanel Quote #1

  • "my child has just been killed in a car accident"

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just Who Are We?

We've been contacted by a few people asking exactly who this is or who made this blog etc, but one name which keeps cropping up is Nick Miller. Have a look at his latest e-mail: (click for a larger version)

Nick Miller, a former skinhead, was silly enough to leave his mobile number in his e-mail signature but calls so far have only gone to voice mail.

For a laugh, check out Miller in his debut gay video here on YouTube: He looks like a fat woman with what appears to be a clitoris between his legs.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Few Quick Facts

  1. Chanel Rulton worked as a prostitute at the Kensington Hotel in Wellington, NZ.
  2. After giving birth to her daughter Summer, Chanel immediately left the hospital to go clubbing and drinking. When she returned to the hospital her child had been taken by CYFS and her parents are now raising her.
  3. Both Chanel's other children have been taken off her by CYFS also. Her son lives with his father and her other daughter lives with her father. Chanel has no contact whatsoever with her children at all. She is a deadbeat mother.

This was her profile picture on her previous Facebook account before she removed it

Chanel Rulton: Exposed!

As some of you may or may not know, Chanel Rulton is attempting to befriend, infiltrate and pose as one of us. Contained in this site is just a taste of what she has done and what she is capable of. If you have any more stories, photos or proof of Chanel Rulton's shocking behaviour, then please comment or e-mail us here.

The following information is true and the photos/screenshots unedited.

Just A Few Pictures

Here's Chanel trying to camouflage her STI's 

Chanel is adamant she isn't a prostitute. We disagree

Does this look like a caring, proud white mother?

Lying on some random man's bed in soiled undies is her way of saving the White race

The people in Auschwitz didn't look this Jewish

A True Story About Chanel Rulton

One dark and stormy night, Chanel Rulton made her way to the NZ Hammerskins bar in Upper Hutt. Once she arrived, she spun a story of death and horror; her first-born child had been killed in a fiery car accident. Naturally, the NZ Hammerskins, their wives and girlfriends and the other people who were drinking at their bar that fateful evening took pity on Chanel and invited her in to make sure she was looked after.

One of the Hammerskins wives sat with Chanel and looked after her. She asked questions about what happened and what was happening. One thing struck them as strange however, why wasn't Chanel at the hospital or police station given that her child had just died? Chanel answered this by saying she couldn't deal with it, she needed to get away and be with friends and drink.

A half hour or so after her tearful, emotional arrival, Chanel was in the bar drinking, singing, dirty dancing and just being the whore that we know she is. The Hammerskins, seeing through Chanel's facade started to disbelieve her sob-story and a few phone calls later we got to the bottom of it.


Let's re-cap.

  • Chanel turns up screaming and crying
  • She tell the NZ Hammerskins that her child has been killed
  • 30 minutes later she's drinking and singing and happy
What sort of person would lie about her son being killed just so she could get sympathy? Chanel Rulton is a manipulative slut who will do or say anything to get people to trust her.

Fun Facts!

  • Chanel was drinking orange juice and vodka mixed with urine for hours
  • Chanel's cellphone was snapped in half and she was thrown out of the bar
  • Chanel ate a steak & cheese pie which had it's filling replaced with dog shit

Eager for cock, Chanel is wrecking that lovely floor with those whorish heels

Chanel Gets A New Boyfriend

The pictures below paint a very familiar story for Chanel Rulton. She is desperate to have a boyfriend at any cost. Here, she accepts a random friend request on Facebook this is a quick breakdown of what followed.
  • After a few hours, Chanel Rulton sends a relationship request
  • After three hours, Chanel Rulton asks this fictional man if she can "sleep in his bed"
  • Chanel Rulton decides to move towns and live with this man she has only met over the internet

Don't take our word for it, check out the following 11 pictures and read through her messages. This shows Chanel Rulton for who she really is.

Chanel gives out her number and offers to sleep in his bed

Despite never meeting this man, Chanel really wants to move in with him

Reece and Chanel are now in a relationship, despite never meeting.

Chanel lies about spending the day with her son

Chanel gets a new boyfriend. See how Reece says, "Can't wait to meet you"

Chanel names her children's fathers. She only gets one of them correct. Who has she told you her children's parents are?

Chanel really wants to move in with Reece, she keeps asking him to ask his flatmate if it'd be ok

Chanel lies about "being fucked up" just so she can try and get sympathy from Reece

You can see that it was Chanel and NOT Reece who sent the relationship request

Chanel will be moving in with Reece on Friday, despite only ever chatting to him over Facebook

One of Chanel's first questions was, "Are you single?"

An Introduction

Chanel the alcoholic showing her parenting skills

Chanel Rulton likes to rave on and on about being a "proud white mother". But as you can see, she is clearly more interested in drinking at 10am. Shame on you Chanel Rulton.

Cats named after junkies and Jews
Chanel Rulton is supposedly a hardcore bootgirl and into the WN Scene. But as you can see, she prefers to name her kittens after leftist punk junkies. For someone who is supposedly into the skinhead/white power way of life, perhaps she forgot that Nancy Spungen was a JEW.

No one wants her in an existing group, so Chanel starts her own...
Instead of trying to become a member of an existing Resistance Group, Chanel Rulton decides it would be better for her to start her own. As of 27/01/12 her new "resistance group" has 37 Likes on Facebook. Visit it here for a laugh. I think she fails to see that just starting a Facebook page isn't enough to start a "resistance group", but we have to take into consideration she's highly retarded.

Making up stories about fake fights she's been in
Well, well, well! Seems Chanel Rulton wasn't getting enough attention so she decided to lie about being in a fight with some unfortunate black folk. Her nose has gone from "fucken (sic) broken" to "sure is sore" in a matter of hours. Chanel Rulton has a nasty habit of lying about bad things happening to her to get males sympathy and attention.